Stop. Hobby Time.

I’ve started a new job and haven’t had much time to do anything gaming related. I did spend a few hours getting my paint on.


I picked up the HVT known as Mobutu halfway through the month. He was a joy to paint. The new infinity models have a lot of details that are fairly easy to shade and highlight. The older models have a lot of flat surfaces that require a bit of skill to get the best out of. Anyhoo, I wanted my Mobutu to rock a red jacket with gold highlights. My NMM isn’t their yet but I feel that I’m getting close. I’m also getting better with smoothing out my highlights. A little glaze of the original color helps hide most of the mistakes. The pants were blue grey to barley grey. I was happiest with the way they turned out. 

I was so excited after painiting this guy so I jumped into my next project, painting up a Naga. I tried to follow the Corvis Belli paint scheme for the skin. That is light browns highlighted to sandy white after a violet wash. I wanted the armor and uniforms to be blue, instead of Corvus Belli’s black highlighted to white with a blue glaze. The bags were medium green highlighted to light brown and sand. My violet wash on the skin was a bit messy and I wasn’t able to fix it during the highlighting stage. I was very happy with the way the bags turned out. I’ll definitely be using this on my SAA. 

Next up I tried some airbrushing. My terrain project from last year wasn’t really going anywhere so I thought I might restart it. I had primed and pre shaded micro arts objective markers a very long time ago. I’ve always wanted them to look like something from Aleph. I based coated it with light browns and highlighted to sand. The violet wash looked a bit weird so I painted over it with a mix of light brown and sand. I ended up washing some dark brown into the grooves to add some definition. If airbrushed steel bluefin the screens and anywhere where I thought there would be a light source. I highlighted to sky blue with the airbrush to help with with the lighting effect. My lighting effect could do with a lot more work. It looks good on the table but doesn’t look very good up close.

I had a plascraft objective room that I wanted to try out. It was cheaper than the micro arts one since it was cheaper to ship. Furthermore, it won’t require much prep time to paint. It requires a bit of glue but it’s a lot easier to build than mdf buildings. I wasn’t super happy with the way the corners turned out so I used a bit of glue on them. The tape was there to hold it in place as the glue set. 

My son is a prolific gamer and hobby guru. He seems to be able to paint up a bunch of guys every week to a pretty good quality. I’ve attached some pics of my favorites. 


I totally blame Ash Barker and his Guerrilla Miniature Games for this. I’ve been umming and arring over Malifaux for years and I finally took the plunge. Binge watching all those battle reports is what pushed me over the edge. I’ll probably get around to painting these up in around 3 months. The miniatures look fantastic but seem very fragile. Just look at the sprues below! One mistake and some delicate but vital part of the model is buggered! 



  1. Argentbadger · May 20, 2016

    Wow, that is some really top painting. Especially the crouching (Aleph?) chap in blue.

    Welcome to Malifaux; it is a very deep game. You’ve picked quite an eclectic mix of boxes; if you intend to game with them (i.e. their not just for painting) they don’t all come from the same faction. Even with the notoriously high number of cross-faction hiring abilities in Malifaux I think that there are no cases where Nurses or Beckoners will work with each other or with Leveticus. Still, i wish you the best of luck in using them all.


    • exexerciser · May 20, 2016

      Thanks Argentbadger. I spent too much time on that guy.

      The plan is to get into Malifaux in the next few months. I’ve contacted 2 local groups and one of them plays at the store I regularly visit. I bought the Leveticus pack and will use the ronin to anchor his waifs. I bought the beckoner and nurses because I’m a dirty perve.

      I’m a bit concerned about terrain. Hopefully some of my 28mm stuff works with it. Also want to stick to 4′ and 6′ mats rather than the 3′ mat.


      • Argentbadger · May 21, 2016

        Good call on Leveticus plus Ronin; they work really well together. Adding Johan (also 6 soulstones) gives you a really brutal option plus some occasionally critical ability to remove conditions.

        Nurses and Beckoners are pretty good in their own right (though I would caution that Nurses are not quite as amazing as the Internet Hive Mind thinks they are) so if you pick up Masters that can take them then you’ll get plenty of use out of them.

        Terrain of any scale can be fine in Malifaux as long as you have plenty of it. Basically if you play against a shooting crew and think that the game is unbalanced in favour of ranged attacks then you’re not using enough terrain.

        Liked by 1 person

      • exexerciser · May 21, 2016

        I’ll try and pick up Johan in my next batch. I like all the outcasts. The nurses will probably be a side project down the line. I’m more keen on arcanists being my 2nd crew. Just like the look of them


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